Immigration Removal Defense in Denver and Aurora Immigration Court

Immigration Removal Defense in Denver and Aurora Immigration Court is a different world from USCIS, US Embassies and ICE Detention Centers

Immigration Removal Defense in Denver and Aurora Immigration Court can have years of delays to bring a case to trial. You will soon learn from the that most of the immigration judges, as well as many immigration attorneys, are angry and overworked. The DHS attorneys who are in charge of deporting you have a difficult time discussing your case with you or your attorney because they have thousands of cases to deal with.

The good thing about immigration court is that you will have an opportunity for an immigration judge to decide your matter once and for all. In our opinion, if you are facing immigration court you will need to hire the best immigration attorney you can find because it will be your only chance to get the relief available to you from the immigration judge. This relief will usually be political asylum, adjustment of status, cancellation of removal or voluntary departure.

Here is an example of the typical set of services that we will provide for entering an immigrant into USICE Custody, preparing and filing an immigration court bond and preparing and presenting a cancellation of removal case:

  1. Review law and procedures for immigration court and ICE custody;
  2. Prepare request to be admitted to custody and released on own recognizance for USICE;
  3. Accompany _______ to ICE office and assist in processing custody and release;
  4. If necessary, prepare bond request for immigration court;
  5. Attend ___ hearing (s) in immigration court in __________;
  6. Review and revise documents showing 10 years of continuous residence, good moral character and exceptional extremely unusual hardship on ____________;
  7. Consult with psychologists for psych evaluation for __________;
  8. Obtain medical and psychological records for ___________;
  9. Prepare sworn affidavits for _________________;
  10. Prepare country conditions report on ________________;
  11. Assist in preparing affidavits from employer, family and friends (10) in support of the Cancellation of Removal Application;
  12. Prepare applications for Cancellation of Removal and Employment Authorization
  13. Draft legal memo on the Cancellation of Removal for Immigration Court;
  14. Prepare witnesses to testify in court;
  15. Meet before immigration court to prepare you for obtaining your Cancellation of Removal;
  16. Attend your hearing in immigration court for Cancellation of Removal; and
  17. After the immigration court hearing we will review the decisions and thereafter discuss the decisions and next steps with you.

If you have a similar situation we can help. We can assess your situation in our free 10 minute telephone consultation and usually quote you a fixed fee range. We work with families who have cases ongoing with other firms and we simply take over the case and get it back on track. Or we can review your documents and advise you on how best to proceed. All of our work comes with the Integrity Refund and Performance Guarantee.

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