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ICE Detention, Immigration Holds and Bonds Before the Immigration Judge

The most challenging cases for an immigration attorney are defending clients in immigration court or obtaining release from detention

Clients call many immigration attorneys asking difficult questions such as: “How can I get my husband out of ICE custody?” “He has an ICE hold and the jail won’t let me post bond for his DUI – what do I do?” “ICE took my wife away and I don’t know where she is and they won’t let me talk to her – can you help me?” “We went to our adjustment of status interview and they took her away because they said she had a deportation” ” We got a denial notice for our application and they sent us a notice to appear in immigration court!”

When your loved one is being detained by ICE at a detention center it is usually extremely frightening and harmful to your family

It will be difficult for you to obtain basic information about why they are being detained, where they are being detained and when they will be released.

Here are a list of services that we can provide to you:

  1. Discuss history and background of case;
  2. Research current law and procedures;
  3. Prepare fax requesting the county jail to release your spouse based on his due process rights and the “48 hour rule”;
  4. Send fax on to county sheriff;
  5. Make follow up telephone calls to county sheriff.
  6. Prepare the following forms and send them to ICE at Downtown Detention and Removal Office along with the following documents:
    1. Notice of Attorney Representation (G-28)
    2. Criminal records
    3. Letters from friends and family
    4. Birth certificates of family
    5. Marriage certificate
    6. Letter from employer
    7. Letter from doctors, therapists or other professionals
    8. Attorney brief discussing case and requesting release and bond if necessary.
  7. File the above forms with the appropriate agency via fax and express mail;
  8. Follow up inquiries with US ICE to make sure the forms are properly received and documents are sent to this office;
  9. Review documents and analyze immigration status of Vincent;
  10. Request criminal records, if necessary;
  11. Meet with client in person (if he is in TN) or by telephone to interview him and advise him of the charges against him and the possibility of relief in a removal hearing, and of being released on bond;
  12. Prepare statement for client, if possible, and have him sign;
  13. Assist with drafting letters of support from spouse, employer and coworker;
  14. This contract does not include representation in immigration court.

If you have a similar situation we can help. We work with families who have cases ongoing with other firms and we simply take over the case and get it back on track. Or we can review your documents and advise you on how best to proceed. All of our work comes with the Integrity Refund and Performance Guarantee.



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