I-751 Removal of Conditions

I-751 Removal of Conditions

I receive lots of calls from U.S. citizens and their spouses with conditional permanent residency who have divorced their sponsoring spouses or have missed the two year deadline to file the I-751 form. We can help you in these difficult situations. USCIS will deny your petition and place you into removal proceedings before an immigration judge unless you can convince them that you are deserving of permanent residency.

Here is a sample of the services we can provide if you have divorced before the two year period:

1. SCOPE OF LEGAL SERVICES: Prepare I-751 Removal of Conditions with waiver for divorce and file with USCIS:
We will provide the following services to you:
1. Review your immigration forms and documents and research current law and procedures;
2. Send you questionnaires and checklists and review your responses;
3. Prepare the following forms and send them to USCIS:
A. Petition for Removal of Conditions (I-751) $590;
B. Notice of Attorney Representation (G-28);
4. File the above forms with the appropriate agency ;
5. (2) Follow up inquiries with USCIS to make sure the forms are properly received and documents are sent to this office;
6. Prepare your personal statement describing the marriage and the reason for divorce;
7. Prepare sample letters for friends and family stating that you had a good faith marriage;
8. Review documents and letters;
9. Discuss divorce filing with family law attorney;
10. File divorce decree with USCIS to supplement case once divorce is finalized;
11. Prepare you for I-751 interview with USCIS;
12. Attend the I-751 interview at USCIS; and
13. Review the results from USCIS and discuss the next steps with you.

Note: We cannot advise you on matters of federal, state or county law, including issuing social security benefits, corporate law, drivers licenses, marriage licenses, family law matters, criminal law matters, estate planning, or other legal matters unrelated to immigration law.

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