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Citizenship and Naturalization N-400

Citizenship and Naturalization: USCIS N-400 and the information on how to become a citizen

Many of the questions immigration attorneys hear regarding citizenship and naturalization are: “I lost my green card – can I file for citizenship?”, “My parents were US citizens but I was born in another country – am I a citizen?”, “My parents are old and cannot learn English, and their social security is running out – can they get citizenship?” and ” I got arrested and convicted for a crime – can I get citizenship?”

If you have these questions on your mind then I can tell you that the answers are difficult to find on the internet

You will be best served by meeting with an immigration attorney to whom you can tell your story in confidence and who can advise you on what to do. In my opinion you and your family deserve to hire the best immigration attorney you can find to help you with your citizenship or naturalization case.

Here are the services that we typically are asked to perform for citizenship and naturalization clients:

  1. Review your immigration documents and research the current law and procedures;
  2. Prepare the following forms and fees and send them to you for your review and signature:
    1. Application for Naturalization (Form N-400);
    2. Biometric information;
    3. Notice of Attorney Representation (G-28).
  3. Review your criminal records
  4. Review your mental health/physical health records to determine if you are eligible to qualify for the N-648 waiver of English language and Civics exams
  5. File the above forms with the appropriate agency;
  6. Follow up with USCIS every 60 days to make sure the forms are properly processed;
  7. Notify USCIS of your change of address;
  8. Review any requests for information and notify you regarding these requests; and
  9. Consult with you prior to your interview in ___________ to prepare you for obtaining your citizenship;
  10. Attend the USCIS interview, if necessary, and
  11. After the interview we will review the DHS decision and thereafter discuss the decision and next steps with you.

Almost anybody can prepare and file form N-400 and study the questions to pass the citizenship test. But if you have questions that you feel are important to answer before you begin the process, you can contact me for a free consultation, a special consultation or a rush consultation.



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