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Examples of Immigration Court Decisions on Attorney Representation

Not advised of immigration consequences of plea. Padilla v Kentucky

559 U. S. (2010)

NO. 08-651


on writ of certiorari to the supreme court of kentucky

[March 31, 2010]
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Examples of Immigration Court Decisions on Attorney Representation

CINA presents Examples of Immigration Court Decisions on Attorney Representation. The 6th Amendment of the Constitution provides that immigrants in both criminal and immigration court deserve to be represented by competent counsel. However, what about criminal lawyers advising their clients on immigration law?

Immigration law is one of the most complicated bodies of law. That is because there are laws made by Congress, laws made by the President, laws make by Courts and laws made by the USCIS and Department of State. That is a great deal of laws!!

Some lawyers don’t even try to keep up with things. Shame on them! Immigration law is a quickly changing field, but with online research and databases it can be done. Furthermore, because laws change so frequently you can sometimes wait it out and the laws will change in your favor – although the opposite can also happen.

Make sure you are working with a lawyer that is a member of a state bar and a member of AILA – the American Immigration Lawyers Association. These cases will help you to understand what you lawyer owes you in terms of professionalism and communication.



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