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IVA’s Low Cost Document and Immigration Form Review

IVA’s Low Cost Document and Immigration Form Review Services

IVA’s Low Cost Document and Immigration Form Review services  provide an important community service. Sometimes you just don’t have the money to hire an attorney. However, you might feel afraid to file your case without having an attorney look over your paperwork.

IVA of Denver provides 100% confidential Attorney consultations for those persons who want to do it themselves. We are committed to helping immigrants who can’t afford full legal services. We will review your paperwork and instruct you on what to expect. Then you file and move through the process on your own.

Contact us for this service and we will sign a contract like a regular case. You will pay $549 and we will send you a packet with a checklist of forms, documents and sample letters. After scheduling your appointment you will bring your completed forms and back up documents to our office. Over the course of 2 hours we will review your forms and look for errors or other problems with your case. We will also review all of your supporting documents like birth and marriage certificates, tax returns, passports, etc. After our consultation we guarantee to improve your application and bring it up to a professional level.

You might decide later that you need more support. Once you hire us for the low cost document and immigration form review you can then hire us at the hourly rate of $250. Many clients will hire us for a follow up session if they receive a request for further documentation or when they receive an interview notice.

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Our Denver office is located at 1624 Market Street, Suite 202, Denver, Colorado 80202 and our offices are easily reached via the free Mall Ride. Our Denver office is accessible from I-25, I-70, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Commerce City, the Denver Tech Center, Westminster, and Thornton.

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