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Pro Forma Client Reviews of our Immigration Attorney Services


We pay attention to Pro Forma client reviews of our immigration attorney services. There are times when circumstances require you to hire a lawyer. Either you don’t want to spend the time and frustration required to do it on your own, or your personal story is so complicated that you cannot do it on your own. For whatever reason, Pro Forma can take care of your immigration needs.


We handle all types of immigration cases – family immigration, business immigration and removal and detention work. Pro Forma attorneys can appear in any immigration court, USCIS office or Federal Detention Center in the United States and represent clients at US Embassies and Consulates around the world. Our client reviews indicate that we provide great value with a wide range of service price points.


Pro Forma is a professional legal corporation that practices exclusively in immigration law and provides an Integrity Refund – if we break a promise to you, we will pay you $100. Our unique Performance Guarantee states that if you are not satisfied because of errors, omissions or poor customer service, we will refund all of your fee to you provided you have not breached our agreement and you provide us a request in writing.

Most immigration attorneys will never discuss fees during the 10 Minute Free Telephone Consultation! Pro Forma will usually quote you a fee range over the phone so you can determine if legal representation is something you can afford.

Our Denver office is located at 1624 Market Street, Suite 202, Denver, Colorado 80202 our offices are easily reached via the free Mall Ride. Our Denver office is accessible from I-25, I-70, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Commerce City, the Denver Tech Center, Westminster, and Thornton.

I would highly recommend Mark C. Daly to anyone wishing to make their immigration process go more smoothly. Mark helped my husband and I during an incredibly stressful time – I really cannot imagine going through what we had to deal with had it not been for his support. Mark was always available to answer questions and very prompt about getting tasks done. He was empathetic and supportive and his wonderful sense of humor helped to keep me positive. My husband and I will forever hold the deepest gratitude for Mark C. Daly for helping us create the wonderful life we are living now.

– A. H., Canada.( I-130/I-485 Marriage Adjustment of Status case)

Mark Daly was the second attorney I contacted, and I Just picked him out of the phone book. We were scared of large fees, the immigration process, and the stigma associated with immigration. Mark met with us to decide the best course of action and broke the process down into simpler steps, which made it easier. Mark was available throughout the process and was professional and courteous. He worked with us so that we could afford it. Mark thoroughly prepared us for out interview, which resulted in my wife getting her green card. Because of this, our family’s future is infinitely brighter. We even invited Mark to our wedding! We are very grateful to have this opportunity and Mark Daly helped make it happen.

– MW Kenya (I-130/I-485 Adjustment of Status)

Immigration is and can be a gamble, as to whether you gain long term entry (either through a visa or citizenship) into this country. Attorneys cost money, but it is worth the cost. For that payment, your chances of gaining residency/citizenship inside the U.S. greatly increases. With an attorney they take your responsibilities, concerns, worries and fears off of you and fight these battles for you. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake on a form/paperwork and jeopardizing your request for a visa/residency/citizenship. Your immigration and freedom is not something to take lightly. Attorneys go to school and educate themselves in this through extensive studying. They are professionals, This is their job. their life and because of this it ensures victory for you when you let them take the lead. But unfortunately, all attorneys are not equal.

Mark C. Daly should be the very first attorney that you talk to over the phone, email/chat with over the internet or see in person. The first attorney to communicate with. Mark is a very down to earth person. There is no ego. He is positive, friendly, warm, welcoming, makes you feel at ease – makes you happy -fun to be around during what is supposed to feel like a stressful situation. Mark is very likeable, confident, accessible, optimistic, friendly. He is very smart, educated and knows / mastered his area of law.

With my wife and I’s experience, Mark and his associates were flawless. No mistakes were made. He was always very quick to respond to our concerns, questions, and worries. He was extremely prompt in filing and responding to our case. Mark was very accessible by email, phone and in person, like the way you would think from a genuine and sincere person. He even gave us his cell phone number! There was never a rush or urgency to get us out of his office for the next “customer”. His concern for us our well-being, was sincere, He really loves his work which is helping people, because of these great qualities, it makes him very great and efficient at what he does – immigration. Having Mark by your side feels like there’s an awesome protective brother there instead of an attorney. Because of his expertise, I don’t have to worry about the government splitting me and my wife up/apart. Because of Mark he has kept me and my soulmate together. As long as Mark Daly is around we will never consider another attorney, nor can we ever recommend any other attorney to anyone else that asks us.

– B & I W, India (I-130/I-485 Marriage adjustment of status, I-751 Removal of Conditions and N-400 Citizenship) (5 star review)

Thank you so much Mr. Daly God Bless you
Mark C Daly, help me get my Legal Permanent Resident Card (green card), my case wasn’t an easy one and it took 18 months. Mr. Daly was very supportive all the time, I asked him my many questions, he always listened to all my worries and fears; Mr Daly would always tell me all the good and worse chances we had to win my case, he is a very competitive lawyer that knows and is very updated with all the new immigration laws and regulations, like I said my case wasn’t an easy one; when I came to this country I tried to use a fake passport and I was arrested for trying to enter the country with a false documentation, since that time I knew that when the time would come to adjust my legal status it wasn’t going to be an easy process to get my Green Card, Mr. Daly explained and talked to me and my family in a very clear and easy way to understand what the process would be like, after talking with a couple of immigration lawyers Mr. Daly was the only one we felt was very professional and we trusted him, he started working on my case as soon as we made a commitment he went step by step with me to get all the paper work. I needed to have ready to file for my Green Card, he came with me to my Biometrics and to the interview appointments, he always made feel safe, and for that reason he was prepared and ready to take action if something would not have gone as we had planned; a month later after my interview date I got a letter from USCIS I got denied to Adjust my Legal Status, and I was given the opportunity to apply for a waiver, as soon as Mr. Daly found out about the denial letter he started working and get everything prepared to file for I-601 waiver of grounds of Inadmissibility; about six months later after we had file for my waiver I got another denial letter for the waiver, at that point I thought I had lost all my good chances and resources to get approved and become a legal permanent resident, right after I got the denial letter I called Mr. Daly and just as usual he was very supportive and ready to take action. Mr. Daly put so much effort and extra work on this last step to find out why I was getting denied for the waiver, he prepared some letters and documents and sent them to right office, all I could say is that all that extra work he did and knowledge Mr. Daly has on immigrations laws, my case was a big success I was not only approved for the I-601 waiver of grounds of inadmissibility but I also got approved for my Legal Permanent Resident Card-Green Card. Mr. Daly is a very good and trustful immigration lawyer, I’m so thankful we made the right choice to ask him to take and help me win my case.

Thank you so much Mr. Daly God Bless you

Antonia Martinez Gasca

– Antonia Martinez Gasca (5 star review)

Thank you so much!
Thank you so much! you’re doing an amazing job posting these videos and helping out people!

– Doria R. (5 star review)


– Francisco Meza (5 star review)

Thank you so much for your help
Thank you so much for your help, you are amazing because, of your videos I feel comfortable sending mine.

– Claudia Rios (5 star review)

thank you so much
Dude thank you so much. People like you really make life so much easier for the rest of us.

– ungodlykaveh (5 star review)

Thanks much
Love all ur Videos Thanks much

– Cristina Javier (5 star review)

Thanks for that valuable
Thanks for that valuable, potentially headache saving info, as well as the insight on what makes the system tick!

– Arthur Hakhverdian (5 star review)

We are extremely thankful for the services he provided us
Going through the immigration process is a very intimidating thing. We could tell that Mark C. Daly truly cared about our case and is very passionate about his job. My husband and I became confident as soon as we spoke with Mr. Daly. We are extremely thankful for the services he provided us, and that every promise he made was kept.

– N.B., Canada (Adjustment of Status -Marriage) (5 star review)

Thanks for that valuable
Thanks for that valuable, potentially headache saving info, as well as the insight on what makes the system tick

– Arthur Hakhverdian (5 star review)

Thank you so much
Thank you so much for your help, you are amazing because, of your videos I feel comfortable sending mine.

– Claudia Rios (5 star review)

Immigration Attorney
Mark is not the typical attorney. He truly cares about his clients and goes to great lengths to fight for them. His ability (and willingness) to actually listen to his clients sets him apart from other immigration attorneys – by really understanding his client’s situation, he is able to develop a more effective case for them. His honesty, integrity, and ethics are above reproach.

– Ken (5 star review)


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I also train new immigration attorneys.

Thank you for your interest in our firm. Mark C. Daly

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