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Attorney Fees: How We Set Our Fees

Flat Attorney Fees and Payment Plans from Pro Forma Immigration Attorneys, practicing exclusively in immigration law

I have helped immigrants enter and remain in the U.S. for over 25 years. We have always set attorney fees as a flat fee and offered payment plans. I know the value of family, businesses, and friends when we get those approval notices. And Federal Immigration Law is a very complex field of the law.

We utilize Value Based Fees more commonly known as a “flat fee” or “fixed fee” – because of many advantages to our clients and ourselves. What I appreciate is the fairness: If you have an easy case, your case will cost less than if you have a complex matter. And you don’t pay the entire fee  up front so you have some security. This website has sample attorney service agreements for each practice area that we have delivered to immigrants and their families based on fixed fees.

We also do something most immigration attorneys shy away from: Discuss fees over the phone. During our15 Minute Zoom/Telephone Consultation we can usually quote you a fee or at least a fee range so you can determine if legal representation is something you can afford.

We pride ourselves in our Integrity Refund – if we break a promise to you, we will pay you $100. We also pride ourselves with our Performance Guarantee – if you are not satisfied because of errors, omissions or poor customer service, we will refund 20% of your fee to you provided you have not breached our agreement and you provide us a request in writing.

Why do we use Value Based Fees?
PREDICTABILITY: Our clients appreciate knowing how much the legal fees will be in their matter. It provides clients who wonder “what is immigration law” and “what does an immigration lawyer actually do” to trust that their case will not become a huge unexpected financial burden. Our contracts spell out the scope of our services in great detail so our agreements with our clients become clear. Of course there are times when unexpected events arise, and we will discuss extra legal services and create a new contract if necessary.

COMPARE WITH OTHER ATTORNEYS: Our contracts provide an easy way to compare our services with other attorneys and shop for the best immigration lawyer available to perform your work. This is impossible to do based on a lawyer who charges an hourly rate.

IMPROVES CLIENT RELATIONS: Pro Forma understands the client’s perspective on lawyers and hourly legal rates: The longer it takes, the more money the lawyer makes! So there is a disincentive to prepare cases quickly with hourly fee agreements. Also, clients are more reluctant to call attorneys when the “clock is running” and the result is that the attorneys may miss out on important information. Pro Forma strongly believes that our great results in immigration court, USCIS interviews and U.S. Embassy appointments is because we spend a lot of time listening to our clients, and our clients tell us everything!! This extra information results in a better case for you…..and for us as well!

EASIER FOR THE ATTORNEYS: The Value Based Fee allows us to not have to watch the clock for every minute we spend on a case (although we do keep track of our time!) and allows us the freedom to do whatever it takes to prepare the best case possible. We focus on winning the case for the client and preserving our good reputation before USCIS, Immigration Judges, ICE agents, and Embassies.

Pro Forma Immigration Attorneys is the DBA for Daly Consulting, LLC, registered in the State of Colorado.

TESTIMONIAL: Immigration is and can be a gamble, as to whether you gain long term entry (either through a visa or citizenship) into this country. Attorneys cost money, but it is worth the cost. For that payment, your chances of gaining residency/citizenship inside the U.S. greatly increases. With an attorney they take your responsibilities, concerns, worries, and fears off of you and fight these battles for you. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake on a form/paperwork and jeopardizing your request for a visa/residency/citizenship. Your immigration and freedom is not something to take lightly. Attorneys go to school and educate themselves in this through extensive studying. They are professionals, This is their job. their life and because of this it ensures victory for you when you let them take the lead. But unfortunately, all attorneys are not equal.

Mark C. Daly should be the very first attorney that you talk to over the phone, email/chat with over the internet or see in person. The first attorney to communicate with. Mark is a very down to earth person. There is no ego. He is positive, friendly, warm, welcoming, makes you feel at ease – makes you happy -fun to be around during what is supposed to feel like a stressful situation. Mark is very likeable, confident, accessible, optimistic, friendly. He is very smart, educated and knows / mastered his area of law.

With my wife and I’s experience, Mark and his associates were flawless. No mistakes were made. He was always very quick to respond to our concerns, questions, and worries. He was extremely prompt in filing and responding to our case. Mark was very accessible by email, phone and in person, like the way you would think from a genuine and sincere person. He even gave us his cell phone number!   There was never a rush or urgency to get us out of his office for the next “customer”. His concern for us our well-being, was sincere, He really loves his work which is helping people, because of these great qualities, it makes him very great and efficient at what he does – immigration. Having Mark by your side feels like there’s an awesome protective brother there instead of an attorney. Because of his expertise, I don’t have to worry about the government splitting me and my wife up/apart. Because of Mark he has kept me and my soulmate together. As long as Mark Daly is around we will never consider another attorney, nor can we ever recommend any other attorney to anyone else that asks us.  -B & I W, India (I-130/I-485 Marriage adjustment of status, I-751 Removal of Conditions and N-400 Citizenship)


Click here for our Personal Immigration Questionnaire Form  or our Professional Immigration Questionnaire Form to complete and upload to me on our payment portal. This helps me give you the best advice on your immigration matter. So schedule yourself for your $87 15 minute telephone or zoom consultation today with a Denver Immigration Attorney. Our Denver office is located at 1624 Market Street, Suite 202, Denver, Colorado 80202 our offices are easily reached via the free Mall Ride. Our Denver office is accessible from I-25, I-70, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Commerce City, the Denver Tech Center, Westminster, and Thornton.

I also train new immigration attorneys.

Thank you for your interest in our firm. Mark C. Daly

Call or email now for a $87 15 minute immigration consultation or a $350 1 hour consultation with Mark C. Daly, a licensed immigration attorney with over 25 years of experience in immigration law.

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